Why Litigate When You Can Mediate?


Business owners, companies and government often face complex disputes. People in business are beginning to realise that litigation is often costly, both financially and in terms of organisational stress and time consuming for individuals across different parts of the organisation. As the litigation process focuses on a strict interpretation of applicable laws, the outcomes produced by litigation often ignore the interests and needs of the parties – economic and business factors are not considered by the court. They are also beginning to realise that cost saving is not just a business imperative, but an ethical one as well.

Dispute Settlement Service

Thavma Business Consulting (TBC) offers a Dispute Settlement Service, devoted exclusively to commercial/business mediation, working closely with our clients, committed to developing solutions to solve their disputes expeditiously and cost-effectively. TBC takes into account the interests and needs of the parties, which is based on a focused approach to attain rapid settlements resulting in mutually satisfactory outcomes in an amicable way. TBC specialise in resolving disputes, through the process of mediation, across most industries that include:

  • Breach of Contract;
  • Partnership Disputes;
  • Private / Government / Contractor / Service Provider Deals;
  • Medical Claims;
  • Insurance / Financial Institutions Disputes.



There are a number of advantages to mediating a dispute rather than litigating, these include:

  • Speed Of Dispute Resolution;
  • Major Cost Savings;
  • It Improves Communications;
  • It’s Flexible;
  • It Addresses Unreasonable Claims And Expectations.

Mediation Works !

Read the TABS if you need more convincing!


Let Thavma Business Consulting resolve your Commercial/Business Dispute expeditiously and cost-effectively:

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